Don't let fear hold you back

Issue 16

Hello my fulfillment-finding friends!

As always, thanks for going on this journey of self-love and personal growth with me.

All the gurus say, “start before you’re ready.” Have you heard this before? I heard it for the first time two years ago when I started my YouTube channel. So I started it.

However, I’ve been so inconsistent and haven’t posted much in months - just a few shorts. I keep thinking to myself, “what if I had been consistent and showed up every week for the past two years?” How much different would my life look like? Would I be making any money from it?

So then, I have to do the deep dive internally. Why haven’t I posted? Can’t I spare 1-2 hours weekly to film 5-8 minutes and edit a video? And the only thing I keep coming back with is fear. Maybe it’s a bit scary to put myself out there, so I’ve gravitated toward Medium writing, where I can hide behind a screen.

💻 I’ve written on this topic before: Fear of failure: The true reason you aren’t successful

And now, as I look down the self-imposed deadline of my online course launch, I find myself battling the voice inside my head again. What if it’s not perfect? What if it’s not good enough?

So the message for you this week is a reminder to myself as well. Just go for it! Get started and stay consistent. You will learn along the way! I’ve learned SO much in the last two years about blogging, SEO, video editing, course building, and digital products. So maybe I don’t have it all quite figured out yet, but I’m on the way.

And even if my first online course isn’t a raving success, it’s an opportunity to learn, grow, and come back even stronger the next time around.

Weekly affirmations:

  1. ❤️ I am capable of overcoming my fears and achieving my goals.

  2. ❤️ I am strong and courageous, and I trust myself to handle any challenges that come my way.

  3. ❤️ I release all fears and doubts and embrace the present moment confidently and positively.

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