Why I'm embracing the messy launch life

Issue 19

Hello my fulfillment-finding friends!

My background is not in marketing. Selling things to people makes me uncomfortable (Yet I’ve done the MLM scheme time and time again). However, if I want to succeed in the online space, I have to do some degree of marketing.

Take this newsletter/email list, for instance. It’s an evolving process for me where I share what I’m thinking, writing about, learning, and creating. I think part of why I’m so inconsistent with it is because it doesn’t have a clearly defined purpose yet. I want to write about everything. Just like I want to try and create everything.

So instead of focusing on having the perfect product or course, I’m just going to keep putting things out there and building and growing. The messy launch will be my focus for the time being. Create, launch, gather feedback, reiterate, promote, update, etc.

I want this email list/newsletter to be helpful for you as the reader, while also sharing my entrepreneurial/solopreneur journey in real time.

So I’m curious. How did you find this newsletter? Are you my friend in real life? What are you hoping to gain as a subscriber here?

Embracing the messy launch:

I’m still working out which platforms/services are going to be my main income driver. For now, I’m trying out multiple different things. My plan is to keep building and creating and find the middle point between what people need and what I enjoy doing.

So, for now, here are a few things that I’ve launched with no marketing strategy at the moment:

  1. The Heartwork Hub mini-membership: Receive one Google Doc editable journal each month to assist you in your personal reflections and self-growth journey! Right now, the first month is free, with a low introductory offer of $3/month after that. I also launched a free Facebook group where I will post resources and prompts.

  2. The Heartwork Hub Etsy shop for digital products: Digital downloads for families, teachers, entrepreneurs, and lifelong learners.

  3. Affirmation Gems: A print on demand Etsy shop for useful and inspiring everyday products. I’m adding new designs as fast as I can!

Resources I’m loving:

  • Creative Fabrica: The amazing monthly price gives access to hundreds of thousands of designs.

  • Tailwind: This platform allows me to easily design and schedule pins for Pinterest to help with marketing products and blog posts.

  • Canva: If you have not tried Canva yet, check it out. The free version alone has so many cool resources for educators and business owners.

Platforms I’m learning:

  • Midjourney: This amazing tool allows you to create AI-generated images about everything. I’m mainly using it now to generate coloring pages for friends and families and test out patterns and designs for print on demand products. There is a bit of a learning curve for me as it uses Discord (something I’ve never used before either).

  • Systeme.io: This is a funnel/blog/membership/course/product all-in-one website builder. Currently, I chose to go with Memberpress for my website, but I’m taking the Systeme certification course to learn if it could be a valuable marketing and lead magnet tool.

Ideas I’m brewing:

  • I’ve had the whole build an online course weighing on me for a year now. I started one but didn’t finish it. I’m still figuring out what my resistance is - fear, perfection, failure? Now I’m toying with the idea of just launching one live training to gather feedback. That will allow me to get back into the teaching game and see what resonates with the audience. I could offer it for free and then tweak it and re-record to have a webinar that lives on my site.

  • Writing a book or two. I have a few ideas for books that I believe could be really useful and inspiring to people. I just have to prioritize which one I want to focus on first because I already feel a bit stretched with my cognitive load and creative muscles.

  • How can I leverage my experience as an educator and graduate student? Recently, I had the privilege of chatting with two graduating college students about their plans to work abroad. As someone who didn’t take this leap until my thirties, I am a huge advocate of traveling and experiencing the world as soon as possible. I’m brainstorming ways to get this message out.

Well, I suppose that’s enough for this letter. I’ll work on being more consistent with these updates. After all, you signed up to get a peak inside my head.

Thanks for supporting me! Until next time - keep learning and growing!

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