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Hello my fulfillment-finding friends!

Dipping into the digital marketing world is scary. I’m a teacher, not a salesperson.

Teaching is not so scary.

I’m messy launching a bunch of things (as you may already know).

I created an Eventbrite for a webinar I want to launch. It’s timely because it’s on a topic I’ve been quite good at in the past. So, it’s a perfect refresh for myself as well.

My original target date was August 15th.

However, after talking with some folks, I moved the date to Tuesday, September 5th at 12:00PM EST. It seems people are still wrapping up their holiday plans and getting ready to return to school in August.

But we can get the ball moving and focus on our time management skills together in September.

Read more about the event in the link below!

Pay what you can. The event is $11, but here are some discount codes you can use as valued subscribers to my ever-so-evolving newsletter:

-30% off: SAVE30

-50% off: HALF

-100% off: FREE (This is a good one!)

Thanks for following my journey and talk soon 🙂 

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