What do you love about yourself?

Issue 11

Hi my fulfillment-finding friends!

As you may remember, my focus for February is on self-love and gratitude.

Through this process of reflection, I’m focusing on ways to be thankful for where I am but challenge myself to grow. I do that by saying one thing I love about myself daily.

I’m often my own worse critic. In 2023, I’m determined to become a confident and successful business owner who knows what she’s worth.

Here’s my challenge to you this week:

Every morning when you look in a mirror, say one thing you love about yourself out loud. For example, “I love how much I care about my friends and family.” Or, “I love how my eyes sparkle in the light.”

Weekly affirmation:

I have a radiance that shines from within me, no matter who is around me.

On gratitude:

I’m grateful that I’m teaching myself investment strategies to create financial freedom.

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