Mindset - it really is that important

Issue 14

Hello my fulfillment-finding friends!

Mindset Matters

No, really, it does. It matters a whole lot, actually.

And it’s an area of my life that I’ve been working to grow and change.

Many gurus will tell you if you just believe, you can achieve. Sounds simple, right? I agree, but it’s not that simple. Reprogramming your mind takes intentional work and reflection. But changing your mindset has the power to change your life.

Some articles I’ve written on this topic:

Though I’ve been working on changing my mindset for two years now, I still have limiting beliefs when it comes to money. So I’m challenging myself to let go of those limiting beliefs and put my energy and focus into my business launch.

Join me on Medium as I focus on mindset March! I’ll be posting 30 days of writing prompts soon.

For now, here are 3 money affirmations for your week:

  1. "Money flows to me easily and abundantly." This affirmation helps to shift your mindset from a scarcity mentality to an abundance mentality. By believing that money comes to you effortlessly, you open yourself up to receiving more financial opportunities.

  2. "I am worthy of financial abundance." This affirmation helps to address any underlying beliefs you may have that are blocking your financial success. By affirming your self-worth, you create space for abundance to come into your life.

  3. "I am grateful for the money I have and excited for the money that is coming." This affirmation helps to cultivate a sense of gratitude and positivity around your finances. By focusing on the abundance already in your life and being excited for what's to come, you create a positive energy around money that can attract even more abundance.

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